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SearchForce, a leading provider of on-demand paid search marketing solutions, has formally unveiled its flagship product that optimizes online advertising campaigns. SearchForce's Search Marketing Management Platform empowers companies to optimize keyword selection, manage large-scale campaigns, control bid management, and create landing pages for pay-per-click (PPC) marketing. SearchForce's Search Marketing Management Platform stands apart with its optimized algorithmic keyword bidding, extensive automation, and centralized functionality to support advertisers' complex requirements. "We were impressed with the breadth of functionality and lower total cost of ownership that SearchForce's system provides," stated Sherman Hsieh, Group Director for Web Marketing at Siebel Systems. "Using SearchForce, we expect to realize an increase of 50% in our search marketing ROI and... (more)

Alexa Turns Web Services and Search Inside Out with Web Search Platform Beta

Alexa is rattling the search world by releasing the Alexa Web Search Platform Beta, which the company says opens up the Alexa Web Crawl so that anyone "can create new search services without having to invest millions of dollars in crawl, storage, processing, search and server technology." There are no licensing fees in this program, just user fees generally priced at the one-dollar level for things such as a gig of storage used or uploaded, or 50 gigs of data processed, etc. Alexa was founded by noted computer scientist Brewster Kahle (pictured) with the goal of indexing every sing... (more)

Google Pack Is No Computer. Does It Threaten Microsoft?

The aniticipated $200 PC with the non-Microsoft OS was not part of Google co-founder Larry Page's announcement during his keynote at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas. Instead, the company announced Google Pack, a suite of free downloads that "give users a way to painlessly install all the essential software they need - pre-configured in a sensible way - in a matter of minutes," according to Marissa Mayer, VP of search products and user experience at Google. Mayer's official statement said that the company has "heard from countless new computer owners that it can tak... (more)

SEO/SEM Journal: Google Partners With Nike On Soccer Site

Google has partnered with sports brand Nike to launch joga.com, a global online community portal for football (soccer) fans. The site, whose name derives from the phrase "Joga Bonito" or "play beautiful" in Portuguese, is available in 14 languages, letting fans create their own social football network. Joga.com, is by invitation only, and requires users to be registered with Google. Joga members will be able to build their own groups and clubs, share football-related information, upload photos and video, and organize and give updates on local matches and events. Users can create ... (more)

SEO/SEM Journal: Yahoo Launches Instant Message Phone In US

Yahoo has launched Instant Message Phone service in the United States that lets people make phone calls through the company's instant messaging software. Available in several other countries since December, the service allows people to make calls from their computers for 2 cents a minute or less to the top 30 national phone markets, including the United States. The "Phone Out" service also allows calls from computers to regular phones at varying rates to a total of 180 countries. Using instant messaging for phone calls is one of the latest ways that technology companies are finding... (more)